RNG is really hurting BTB

Let’s start with the dead horse I will continue to beat.
The only thing worse than a scorpion spawing for the first time just before the game ends is one that only spawns on the team already winning while the losers get a gungoose.
But aside from that RNG is way too much of a factor in BTB.

First you have the 3 (awful) maps. Not nearly enough for launch. It’s not only possible but a regular occurrence to get the exact same map over and over and who wants to play the same map that much?

Second weapon pads. Sometimes you get two BRs in the middle of your base sometimes you get two commandos. These weapons are not equal. It may be that there’s other BRs nearby but having an enemy team who can get to their BRs faster can make or break a game because the commando cannot compare. Also if one side has a shock rifle with a decent shot that’s potentially gg right there if all you have is a disruptor.

Third random weapon spawns. Some of these are not too bad. At least until you have 3 snipers watching your spawn while the sword and rockets prevent you pushing them and you get nothing but plasma grenades or worse they take everything.

Fourth and worst of all. Total control. I don’t think anyone needs me to explain the problem but in case you didn’t notice the control points after the first capture can (and usually will) spawn all on one side of the map. Meaning a hard fought lead can be instantly lost or extended before the other team can reach them.
Stockpile has a similar issue when the seeds spawn nowhere near you but it’s a much lesser degree. The mode unfortunately is pure **** but that’s more because it can end in seconds if your team doesn’t push the seeds.

A lot of players are theorizing that it’s because of the monetization that everything is random to encourage buying skips and challenge swaps. Sounds extreme but also believeable.

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I won’t lie…I don’t ever see challenges for things like the tanks
should there be maps where they should spawn reliably? yes, just like how on stockpile on the wasp map, wasps reliably spawn instead of being random

Definitely more believable than it just being coincidental like Ske7ch implied.

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That has nothing to do with the opening post. Did you even read it lol

Skips and challenge swaps won’t affect the four points raised in the OP.

Edit: Sorry, I know what you mean now. Randomising the vehicles and weapon pads to frustrate people needing a certain one for a challenge - good point.

The entire post is criticizing the RNG of big team battle. How does my reply not have to do with the op?

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Yes there absolutely should be maps where vehicles are static. Every map should start with a few basic vehicles and weapons that are ALWAYS there and ALWAYS mirrored for both sides.

Random vehicles.
Random vehicle challenges.
Can purchase challenge swaps.
Grindy battlepass.
Seems pretty related to me.