Risk v Reward.

I haven’t played Halo multiplayer for a while, not because I don’t like it, it’s just that I’ve upgraded to the Xbox One. One thing that did bug the hell out of me though with the Halo 4 multiplayer was the the way the game was becoming very, how can I say this, safe. The whole Risk Vs Reward element of the game was/is being stripped away.

Ever since Halo 2 arrived the multiplayer element has always had that Risk/Reward thrill, but lately it feels that the game is being dumbed down. The prime example is the survivor perk, you get into a banshee your reward you can deal death from above but you run the risk of being blown out of the skies and loosing your spree. Not if you have survivor on you can land on the ground run back to your base get the new banshee and hey-ho your continue with your spree. Also the power weapons used to deal massive amounts of damage to vehicles again risk/reward for using vehicles, but now vehicles take multiple hits before they are done where is the risk? The only power weapon that is a one shot kill to vehicles is the incineration cannon, gone is the real threat of the rocket launcher and the spartan laser, even the risk/reward factor for the power weapons has gone.

I feel the changes have been made to allow players to live longer, make them feel empowered as bad -Yoink- super soldiers, or even to make sure new players last longer when first starting out. To be honest I don’t think it works. Some would say my thoughts are for a hard core gaming experience, my thoughts are bring some excitement back to Halo multiplayer, let players experience the risk/reward that the older Halo games had.




You’re exactly right. AAs and Custom Loadouts are built to help players survive in various situations. As opposed to Powerups and Equipment that can only be obtained through positioning and/or fighting. This required players to use map knowledge, teamwork, and individual skill.

From Armor Lock to Thrusters and everything in between. It doesn’t matter if they’re balanced or not. They have taken away from Halo’s core. Halo 4 Perks are just ridiculous. They’re either blatant rip-offs of other games like Dexterity or annoying like Survivor. Halo didn’t need game mechanics from other games. Halo needed refinement of its own mechanics and features.

Equipment might have been earned through positioning or fighting, but honestly? I wager 3/4 of my equipment pickups were just pickups where no enemies were in sight. So while I appreciate the sentiment, I feel it is greatly overstated.

In my opinions… Risk/Reward has been muddled by some of the new features, especially Ordinance and Perks. If feel neither of these should ever return.

Sprint still includes some form of R/R… a smart gamer doesn’t open fire on an enemy without being certain they won’t sprint to cover. I like that. It encourages you to hunt your prey, not just point and shoot when you see them.

Some AA’s encourage risk/reward, at least conceptually. Conceptually, jet packing should make you stand out like a sore thumb. You get the reward of better map movement at the risk of standing out like a sore thumb. If you nerfed the JP even further, you might get something so balanced that it can live in a loadout and not get the whole community in an uproar.

I agree, risk/reward is central to halo, and it’s time for 343 to take some of the more extravagant experiments from Halo 4 and forge them into something lean, mean, competitive, and tons of fun for the casual and competitive crowd.

Agreed. Perks… Survivor especially… Armour Abilities somewhat… Personal Ordinance…

OP what you said about Halo power weapons instant killing vehicles… they still do high damage to them so are still high risk to vehicles I think the vehicular warfare is alot more balanced in Halo: Reach than any other game… Halo 4 vehicles too weak; Halo 3 Power weapons too powerful!

> I think the vehicular warfare is alot more balanced in Halo: Reach than any other game… Halo 4 vehicles too weak; Halo 3 Power weapons too powerful!

I strongly agree. Reach vehicles had very decent durability and, for the most part, decent tradeoffs between maneuverability and firepower. Most importantly, the heavy weapons available on a given map were just adequate for taking down a vehicle (Example: the Plasma Launcher or Sniper Rifle on Hemorrhage to counterbalance the Revenant, MG Hog or Wraith).

If Halo 5 removes baseline-destroying perks and sandbox-skewing personal ordinance, we could see the return of awesome vehicular combat.

This is the classic “old Halo” vs. “new Halo” debate. My hope is that the lessons of 4 have taught 343 that they have to cater to every Halo player, not just one particular cabal. Bungie tried this in Reach with AAs for everyman and the Arena for hard cores. They failed. 343 tried by reintroducing legendary game types, but did it too late and also failed. My guess is that they won’t get it wrong a third time. Not sure exactly how it will all look or work, but it will be better for everyone.