RisingPhoenix is looking for you.

RisingPhoenix invites you to join a clan with five years of experience. We are a part of the Warlordian Deployments community. We can always find openings for whoever wants to join. We have training matches and like having clan battles and having fun. We host our own tournaments and we make sure we treat our clan members with respect. Our clan has an organized military ranking system. There are four ranks which are Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and last but not least General. Every new clan member has to go through a tryout to see if they are a good fit for our clan and if we are a good fit for them. My gamer tag is YouxxGotxxOwned. For more info go to my clan website at RisingPhoenixGroup.tripod.com (don’t add the www). If you want to join my clan send myself or my co-leader xxMYSTIK MONKEY a friend request stating that you want to join. Thank you