"Rise of the Insurrection" BTB Testing Lobby

“Rise of the New Insurrection” testing lobby will be a place to play on battlefield-esque maps which follow the reemerging Insurrection factions after the Human-Covenant War.
[Will be on Halo MCC’s H2A]

These maps require tactical teamwork as players will have limited lives while navigating immense landscapes roaring from vehicle warfare and dotted with players looking to eliminate your team while completing the objective.

With ARMA the PC shooter, Battlefield 3, and Halo Lore as the foundation and catalysts of “Rise of the New Insurrection” expect a blend of exploration and frantic warfare with story elements of new threats to the UNSC and Human-Sangheili political ties.
We will be testing the first set of maps, and are looking for a lobby of 14 players.
Bring all your friends, a mic is required as well as communication is needed to optimally test the map and to find any terrain holes/patchy terrain to be fixed.

Maps Slated for Testing: Fall of Fenrir, Operation Tiger Hound, Aid of V’aku Jemmai, Coral.

Current Forgers involved with the project: Red Link Walrus, Lyle the Forger, Ikyleizbeastly, Commander Colson, Spacemonkeys, Helljumper1357, and DC Valorstrike.

Game night is scheduled Wednesday August 12th from 2p to 5p U.S. Pacific Time (Los Angeles)
You’re all free to add me at my gamertag: DC Valorstike