Riptide on repeat last night

Anyone ever have one of those nights where you get the same map over and over and over and over and over?

Last night I was partied up with my cousin and his friend and we seriously got 5 Riptide maps in a row. First four were Slayer Riptide, then we decided to backout and go Team Arena, and what do you know? Strongholds Riptide. It was sort of one of those “Wow, really?” moments.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced a scenario like this.

It happens too often

The icing on the cake was 3 matches after the 5 Riptides in a row. We got Slayer Riptide again for our last match of the night.

Please fix this 343…

strongholds riptide is worse than slayer riptide i hate it.

I enjoy Riptide, but playing it 8 times in a row is just way too much. A map voting system seriously needs to be implemented