RIP HALO: Remember the Good!!!

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RIP HALO 2001-2010
Never forget November 6, 2012 the day 343 Industries ruin the Halo Franchise!!!

Posts your favorite moments in the Bungie era of Halo so 343 can learn how to make a good and better Halo game!!!

My favorite moment the day the greatest Halo game came out and that is Halo 2, playing that game for the first time knowing how much better it was than the original one, with a great campaign and multiplayer!!!

Halo was ruined since Reach. H4 was an upgrade from Reach

My favorite was November 6 2012 when Halo 4 was released.

0/10 troll harder.

Report this troll and move on. Halo isn’t dead because some troll makes a forum post.

> Halo was ruined since Reach. H4 was an upgrade from Reach

Yes, pretty much. Halo 4 has returned the franchise to glory.

I am going to remember the good. Halo 4 is great soooo… :slight_smile:

Is this guy high? Maybe if they had all the maps available for every playlist I could stay interested for mor than 2 hours at a time but the game is still great fun.

> Yes, pretty much. Halo 4 has returned the franchise to glory.

Sure if your vision of Halo was “Call of Duty”.

Mine was not. I preferred Halo because it WAS NOT a clone of Call of Duty. It was more like game of yore: Quake, Unreal. Power weapons and map control. Now it’s just another shoddy clone of class based FPS games like CoD and Battlefield. So if I want to play Call of Duty style multiplayer, I’ll play Call of Duty rather than a gimpy clone of it in Halo wrappings.

At least there aren’t any magically bouncing flags like there were in Halo 2 though.

My favorite memory of Installation 04 is probably the first time I played the level Assault on the Control Room. You got to drive every vehicle in game, had access to almost every weapon in the game, and the overall atmosphere of the level was fantastic. Two Betrayals was also a really great moment on Installation 04. Looking back, the levels are repetitive, but hey I still love them for what they are.

In terms of Installation 05, it’s hard to decide what my favorite moment is. Possibly the discovery of the Gravemind - I love how he spoke in iambic heptameter. In regards to my favorite gameplay moment, I really don’t know…a lot of people hated Halo 2’s campaign, but I loved it. Exploring the ancient ruins (what were those about, anyway? Older Forerunner constructions or possibly architecture salvaged from the Precursors?), fighting with my banished elite brothers, racing the humans to the Library and combating the Flood…yeah, good times.

Of course, Installation 04 v2.0 emerges in the third game. Given that we only spend a single level on it, that level is obviously my favorite.

It is a shame that Installation 04 has had such terrible luck and I do hope that it will rest in peace. Take heart, though, brave Piner89! Installation 05 was only glassed by the Covenant if I recall correctly, so it along with 6 other rings are still around. Of course, as of Halo 4 we’ve heard the Halos are being decommissioned, so it’s possible that Installation 03 and 05 have now crossed over to the other side. It is a sad day in dead, but once more I urge you to view things in a more positive light. Installation 01, 02, 06, and 07 are all still out there! No need to declare all of the Halos dead quite yet!