RIP Halo Reach and Halo 3 (360)

I still love you my dudes.
Kinda bummed that my Reach rank and armor has been reset since I had reached Inheritor. Oh well, good time were still had.
RIP my dudes.


It’s been an honor sir. Solid copy, hit 'em hard boss.

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I can still see myself at Inheritor rank on the bar that’s at the bottom of the screen (that shows how many credits you have in total), so there’s still that at least. Also I can see myself wearing the haunted helmet (and the rest of my get up) in the settings and options menu. In game however it doesn’t appear, but I heard that if you disconnect from LIVE then armor appears properly in game.

did you download every single page of your records?
i did.

also might want to download your facebook profile at some point.

I couldn’t get to heir rank in Halo Reach and I’m very disappointed about that.