RIP Halo Infinite

I’m going to be honest, this one hurts. I’m putting the game down. The ranking system is so sloppy and has remained that way since day one. I lose 2 games go down 20 points as I go positive……. Win 5 in a row and go up 18. Also, I lose points on 3 v 4s when handicapped a teammate. Which is odd it’s always my team with the 3. RIP halo. It was fun while it lasted. It’s official, 343 dropped the ball.


They nailed the gameplay I think but in so many other ways they really did drop the ball at their own 1 yard line lol


For me the ranking system is one of the best I have experienced, but I am a tryhard. I have the understanding that you gain more elo if you place higer and lose less if you lsoe the game. For me the big problem is hackers, you simply cant outplay a aimbotter and you lose massive amounts of elo in a lost game to them. There is also the problem if you are winning and someone rage quits on the enemy team you gain bare to non elo.


The most beloved Halo game of all time (3) had people complaining about EXACTLY the same problem “I won 10 games in a row and didn’t rank up from 46-47, but I lost one and went down to 45 WTF Bungie!”

Man did 343 ever drop the ball by having the exact same “problem” as the widely considered best game in the franchise. Whoo boy.

Did you ever consider that rank isn’t supposed to keep going up indefinitely? It’s supposed to fluxuate around your actual level? Maybe you hit it.


The honey moon with halo is definitely over but I’ll stick around a while longer to see if it turns around. I was watching some halo 5 footage today and I must say, I miss the red vs blue. This armor coating system really takes away from the game. I hate the insanely bright glowing shields and outlines so much that I’m starting to look for another game. Crossfire x is looking pretty sweet


So you think it’s legit when you go positive 5-10, get multiple flag caps or have a decent amount of ball time, k/d in slayer, lose and go down by 10 points, then when you win multiple games with the same stats you go up 2-3? Make that make sense. I’d bet you work for 3v4, sorry 343

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It depends on a number of factors. Were you matched against lower, or higher tier players in each of those matches? Were you performing at the skill level expected for a person of higher, or lower rank than you are right now? Have you as a player improved enough that you perform at a higher rank now than you did when you first hit this rank?

Chances are the game thinks you’re right where you should be. So when you lose it bumps you back like an elastic band to the rank it believes you really are.

I’ve been loving the gameplay in infinite. But the ranked matchmaking is making no sense at all. I placed in plat 3, I’ve worked my way up to plat 5 within a couple of days. But genuinely, I am never playing against other platinums.

I’ve just played a match on solo/duo where the other team was Diamond 6 (Just looked him up, the guy just dropped down from Onyx), a Diamond 2 (who is an Onyx on cross plat), a Diamond 1 ( Diamond 6 on cross plat), and a Plat 2.

My team was Diamond 1, a plat 5, and TWO unranked. Now, I went positive and had decent zone time, so I didn’t de-rank, but my team got demolished and the point is I should not be playing Onyx or high diamond players in a RANKED system. I should be playing platinum 4-6. It makes no sense and is really making ranked in enjoyable for me. The above is a pretty common occurrence.

It’s a shame, because I love the core gameplay, I think they nailed it. Will keep at it for that reason, but have to admit being frustrated with it

We must be on the same 3 vs 4 team often. I don’t mind 4 vs 4, but 3 vs 4 Isn’t fun in oddball Ctf or strongholds. Not even a little… I have many video clips of me pooping on onyx and diamond players, ranking system is wack.


I Uninstalled right after I got the visor effect, I genuinely dislike infinite right now. It’s so close to being the halo of my dreams but yet so far.

I’ve only played for events because FOMO.


it doesnt mattter if you play or not

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Say that to all the other players including myself who quit recently. Even friends I made when the game came out have switched to other games. Players are not coming back after this botched launch.


sadly speaking the truth, this was the one and only chance for a Halo comeback. Something really big and good needs to happen this year or it is over.


I’ve gone on to R6S, it might be getting old but it plays like a dream

I agree with the OP. First time playing Halo in a long time. I’m not amazing and have maxed out at Plat 6 which I’m ok with. But the way it keeps you there, on about a 50/50 w/l over, say 10 games, is by playing 4 games against onyx/diamond players, four against silver/gold/low plat plus one or two actually correctly matched matches. This is just stupid really. Playing onyx and high diamond is just like playing a different game for me, just no point. And still get hammered for rank loss. I’m done with it now. I’ve sent a ticket in for a clear cheat as well but no response so far.

Yeah I think I’ll be tossing the towel in soon aswell. I loved the campaign and will keep Halo infinite installed for DLC. Other then that multiplayer seemed cool but…yeah thats too much to get into for me.

It’s gone. Just deleted it. Found myself in a 1vs3 for stronghold and it still decided I should get hammered down in rank. Just no point to it. Gameplay is pretty solid but the ‘fairness’ of ranked is just impossible to overcome.

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Cant believe im actually saying this, but by deleting infinite it freed up the space I needed for the huge cyberpunk update.
Im trading one broken game for another


what did they fix/do in cyberpunk?

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Lol, im not even sure. 50gbs, ill find out tonight after work.
Lil side note, months ago around when infinite launched, there was a 343 shill here who insisted that cyberpunk was a working fleshed out game, in response to comparisons to infinite.
Shouldve taken that as a bad sign for infinites future.
I have literally hundreds of bugs and crashes recorded in cyberpunk.
The bugs and glitches are hilarious.

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