Dear Windows Live Gamers,

We are gathered in this topic to remember Halo 2 Vista and all our glorious kills and triumphs within the gameplay. Yes, there were the spawn killing, the camping noobs, and the few who hacked, but nevertheless Halo 2 was a great game and it is sad to see it leave us to the Xbox. For those who do not have an Xbox, then we sadly have to slouch back and endure the Combat Evolved matches. And for those who have an Xbox, then enjoy your refreshing moments with the new and improved Halo 2. I wish 343i would realise the pain and anger we all suffer and bring those servers back online, but it is merely a wish. Here we remember the best moments we had with Halo 2 Vista, not the rage quits. I remember getting t-bagged by 3 blue Spartans. I remember the custom maps and the fun Gravity Hammer. I remember the red swords, the spikers, the Elephants. I remember the classic Coagulation CTF, my favourite. Good bye and RIP Halo 2 Vista, we will miss you.

I’ve been playing Halo 2 Vista since 2007, when it first released. And Halo when it first released in 2001. I’m a Halo veteran.

So who officially says halo 2 for pc is gone? I want to hear it from Microsoft or 343 industries. it’s a shame to see this game go though if they did shut it down, halo 2 was the first multiplayer game I ever played.

Can we get an official response?

They have been glorious, but do you have real information that the servers are down for good? Has anyone actually talked to a person who said that? I consider halo 2 the best game ever. I play only pc. Where is Big Tweek, Desert Shark and Moose? So you are saying there is a chance.

The Gravity Hammer was the first custom weapon model I got to work in H2v, I knew it was working because I could see the my character’s shadow holding it. Then I got into a vehicle to confirm, yes there it was in third person. Before I had a fly mod I used that Hammer as a dev tool for getting around quickly, see if you looked at the ground and stood just the right way next to a wall then you could climb that wall by swinging the Hammer.

H2v custom mapping was loads of fun. The tools were not the best, however the main issue was that annoying map limit carried over from H2x where you could not have more then just about 49 custom maps, any higher and they would not show up. We found ways around this, but the damage was already done. That and the inability to download a map from a server that had already started the game showed just how much foresight they put into this release.

Also, the servers are back on. We back.

yep good to see halo 2 pc back online, I all but gave up hope.

I still play it, I love halo 2.

Please don’t revive old topics thanks