Riot Shotgun + More - 343i Please Read

OK, so I see a lot of people posting about wanting Halo 3/Halo Reach Shotgun, I agree, a classic pump action shotgun.
Here is what they can do, as I also love the look of the new shotgun (Idk if it actually is replacing the old shotgun)
The idea:

Riot Shotgun - make it SEMI-AUTO and do less damage, make it a crowd control shotgun, as most DRUM MAG Shotguns tend to be Semi-Auto, not Pump Action.
The animation for this would also not need to be changed much, for this idea, where it would only PUMP on reload or swaping the weapon out and back in, as it would need the pump to load a shell in
OG Shotgun - Make it do more damage than the Riot Shotgun, Make it have a little more range then the semi-auto, classic Pump Action
That way, there are 2 type of shotguns, a new one, and the classic.

ALSO - why don’t you guys (343i) Just bring back ALL the weapons. If this is Truly going to be the last Standalone Halo Title, give us all the base weapons (not the attachment variants from Halo 5, just the base models) from Reach, to CE, to 2, 3, 4 and 5 INTO ON GAME.
Let us have a Loadout system, customize our loadouts, either at outposts, or crashed UNSC Ships, or UNSC Crates scattered around…
Let us COLLECT classic weapons throughout the map, it would be a nice change of pace, I think.
I just think it would be cool, as I like to play on heroic and Legendary for challenge - where most UNSC weapons are not the most useful, but also enjoy chilling on Normal and playing around with the UNSC Weapons. This would also let people theme loadouts from other halo games
for example:
ODST Loadout - SSMG + Automag. Halo CE Loadout - Classic AR + CE Magnum or the H2 BR55SR + M6C (BR and Magnum)

Personally I think this would be one of the best features for a campaign that is 4 player capable, that way everyone could take a role, like marksman, breacher, assaulter, grenadier… etc. of course you may have to lock Rocket Launchers, Snipers, Spartan Laser, Grenade Launchers and the likes out from Loadouts, as that could make things too easy, but at the same time, being able to bring a rocket launcher as apart of my loadout could be cool too, as you may have to carefully conserve your rockets, and the likes.
Lastly, I hope if this isn’t an idea in game already that it can be worked in with the weapons idea (which should also include ALL the classic vehicles too, that would be extra cool to see everything in new graphics in one great game!) BUT the idea of having random drop ships drop off enemies around the semi-open world(s) locations to fight/hunter the player, starting these little mini firefights across the ring and other locations (if there are other locations off the ring to visit, which is hope is also being considered, if not base game then DLC, let us Explore Shanghelios)
LASTLY LASTLY - Bring more PvE to the Table, Warzone, Classic Firefight and a New Spartan Ops for those of us who dont really play PvP, dont like it, or want something to just kill aliens with friends.

be sure to like this, it might help 343i see this and consider the ideas (mainly this was about the shotgun)… HAHA, I got carried away!

> OK, so I see a lot of people posting about wanting Halo 3/Halo Reach Shotgun…

Please keep the conversation contained to that thread. We don’t need another.