Right step in changes

So I just saw a tweet from the Halo Community Manager John Junyszek about changes coming to the XP progression for the Battle Pass

It seems like a temporary fix for now.

They will be implementing a new set of XP gain for daily matches

1st Game = 300XP
2nd Game = 200XP
3rd Game = 200XP
4th Game = 100XP
5th Game = 100XP
6th Game = 100XP
7th+ Game = 50XP

I think it’s a step in the right direction as after 6 matches, you can actually level up once in the Battle Pass and they also tweeted

“We know many of you want even larger changes and we’re committed to doing so, but those will take time.”

Looks like 343i is listening and wanting to make the changes that we want. This is awesome! Yes, lots of the issues around the XP gain for the Battle Pass is annoying and it has annoyed me to the point that I stopped playing for a bit but this might actually bring me back cause all I want to do is play the game and get Battle Pass levels

Hopefully this also means that they will change how armor customizations will be and shaders and armor stuff won’t be locked to certain sets and will be closer to what Halo: Reach was and very open


Yet if you pay for double xp you can rank up even faster… there is no way they didnt design some daily challanges that could also have been used to boost this. 10 headshot kills? Play with friends? Win? Kill spartans?

Litrally anything would be an improvement over the current system but this isnt close to being a fix.

Its still designed to get you to buy extra xp…

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They came back from holiday yesterday, and announced another improvement to act as an interim solution, whilst committing to making larger changes…

Do you understand how long it takes to implement an entirely different system?


Not asking for a new system. Im pointing out that daily challenges of play 1 game isnt really an solution. In the daily section we could have more than 1 challange. We know they can update at anypoint because they have in the past

Yeah, it’s really odd how the daily section hasn’t had more than one challenge. And it’s really only just a filler challenge.

They made it apparant that the play 1 game solution is entirely a band aid fix. The fact of the matter to implement a more feature rich system based on score or performance for example is what the industry would call ‘a new system’ e.g. something being implemented into the platform that doesn’t currently exist. So in the mean time whilst they focus on how to do that, as there’ll be planning sessions, investigations, initial sprints etc before we get anything solid, they’ve implemented a system where the first few games per day will award a larger amount of XP

This is absolutely not the final iteration of their solution to everyones issues, but let’s at least give them the chance to do that before everyone takes a dump on an implementation that’s barely on a whiteboard yet.


Just the fact we got 2 changes so “fast” is a miracle in itself. If I remember Halo 4 and 5 this is realy surprising and adds a little trust.
Hopefully we get some real changes to the way we unlock cosmetics. Because at the moment, even if we level the whole Pass in just a week that won’t change the fact that it holds so few of the actual customization options.

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