Right, I'm for a fight tonight!

OK, I’ve been away from Halo 5 for a while but the forum here is rekindling something… I feel the need to kick some enemy butt in a Warzone Firefight…

Now, where’s my Magnum? (sound of magazine insertion and weapon cocking)… Let’s do this. Fall out.

I know the feeling. I was having it this morning only it was for some H2A in MCC. Was surprised I was finding games as quickly as I was… But l loved getting those environmentalist medals on lockout. Crushing people with ice never gets old.

I do miss halo. I’ve been off for 6 months due to training and grad from here tomorrow so I’m looking forward to flying back home to play some halo again

I haven’t even been off it for a week and I still enjoy coming back to it.