Ridiculous banned when get booted by noobs

Noobs run past you in grenade throwing situations die then boot you for betrayal. Then the stupid system bans you for quitting games. Fix the damn code as this is not QUITTING.

It is not good when a teammate does do a dumb maneuver such as that. Especially when you get a betrayal and a boot from it. Maybe pay attention to your surroundings a little bit more before releasing a grenade of death upon your enemies might help. If you know you have a teammate right next to you, holster that orb of smite for just a moment longer.

“Noobs” aren’t the only one’s that do that.

Or you can get over it, and just stop leaving games. Getting booted is ruining your team’s game all the same as a quit.

Frankly I don’t understand why there is even team kill. People will often get killed by teammates whether through accident or griefing. The worst part is that people seem inclined to hit the boot button when betrayed even if was on accident. I also am tired of people booting others because it’ll weaken the team. I don’t understand why this booting system is in place when other problems such as afkers or griefers are around. I once had a teammate who kept killing himself on invasion slayer, reducing our score by more than 20… Wouldn’t it make more sense for people to be booted for repeated suicides rather than accidental tks?

I booted two people last night in a match. They deserved it. I grab the sniper and apparently one of them wanted it, so they shoot down my shields until I am one shot. I lived through that. Then they try to run me over with a Revenant, but I jumped in it to make them stop trying to run me over for a weapon. Before I could jump out, the driver gets me over to the other team and ditches the vehicle. I am bombarded with ordnance before my spartan even thought about getting out. So now the other team has our sniper rifle and theirs. I respawn and then someone left the game. The sniper respawns and I grab it right in front of the two guys that have been standing there waiting for it to respawn since I died. When the game came back, they were facing the wrong direction and it looked like they were not going for it so I grabbed it. This time they did run me over and betray me. The boot option came up. I took it. The one that betrayed me and his accomplice in his party both suddenly disappeared.

Accidental betrayals I can understand. We’ve all done them. We’ve all been booted probably at least once for it as well. I typically error on the side of accidental and won’t boot if given the option, unless the betrayal justifies my option to boot.

They should have melee/firearm betrayal be worth one strike, and explosive/impact betrayals be worth fractions of a strike.

Lol i am often getting stuck playing with idiots that team kill me… Once i managed to kill three members of the opposite team at once and then some -Yoink- on my team decided to come up behind me and stick me for it…

But i will say this… i never ever boot people; thats just mean

Or maybe i am too forgiving