Ridiculous amount of ASSISTS!

is anyone else getting like a ridiculous amount of assists like i know my aim isnt that bad iv got like 500 assists on the third day? thats like more then half my deaths …is there a problem with shot register or something? im tired of getting like 14 assists a game!

Yeah, I get them like crazy. I usually get Wingman every game. -.-

Well it seems like you only need to get 2 shots on someone to get an assist so the large amount would be normal. I swear I’ve gotten assists after putting 1 bullet into a person.

I have noticed that I get a lot of assists compared to the older games. I am not the greatest at this game, but like you said getting 10-15 assists a game is ridiculous.

I think some of this may have to do with lag which is part of the reason I stopped using the BR and am using the DMR. I loved the BR in previous Halo games, but in H4 something just does not feel right. I will be giving it another in a week or so when the servers are more stable but for now it is the DMR FTW.

Yeah I’ve been getting way to many assists starts to really irritate me.

putting 1 shot on a guy got the ennemie 1/4 dead, making him die 25% faster then if you would not of shot him. I think that deserves an assist. And am happy assists mean something in this game.

i like having more assists. lets me know im helping out my team. and i dont get that angry now if someone steals my kill .

I’ve enjoyed receiving credit for teamwork in my games, from assists to distractions. This would have worked beautifully in Reach’s original Arena. Sadly, though, there is no ranked playlist (Though I do understand that each playlist uses True Skill).

I’ve already completed the Adept commendation for assists, and I’ve even finished the campaign on normal as well.

hit registration does suck, the headshot hitbox is huge and guarenteed headshots i get on reach dont happen in 4…matchmaking has really bad lag

I’ve gotten assists with only one shot fired before. And also, for right now at least, DMR seems a lot better than BR.

I don’t know about saying there are too many assists now. It feels a lot more like I’m contributing when I have a boatload of assists (not saying I can’t get kills) instead of only having a few like in Reach. Especially since objective games now give you more XP for winning instead of just kills, I think that assists are just another way they’re trying to increase team play instead of simply grinding kills for yourself.

With the majority of people using a weapon that can kill a person with little or no shields straight away with a head shot, I’m not surprised a lot of people are racking up a large amount of assists.

hahaha i started a thread on this yesterday, im fine with helping out a teammate but when he steals my kills from right under my nose after if shot the enemy in the head 4 times it really pissed me off.
they should make it who deals the most damage to the enemy gets the kill.