Ride in pelican on Clean Up Spartan Ops

Some of you may be well aware that you can jump up into the turrets on the side of the pelican. Well I found out that you can actually ride INSIDE of it (for the 2 seconds you have before the mission ends). Not a major find, but still something you might not know. Anyway, I’ve only done this on the left side of the pelican, not the right. You jump up like you would if you were trying to get into the gunner seat, but instead of looking directly at the gunner seat, look at the diagonal slant where the lift door is on the back of the pelican.
There’s nothing amazing when you get inside…it’s just black for the most part, but it is indeed a “seat” inside as you can only turn the camera 180 degrees left and right.

Also just tried getting out of the seat once you get in. There is definatly an animation for unmounting it…I think you may be able to walk around inside (again, only for 1 second by this point), but I’m not sure. Will try this later on the story mission where you fly a pelican.

As far as I can tell, you can mount the guns and whatnot on any mission that has the pelican appear. They probably just reuse the same pelican asset from campaign.