Ricochet Petition

How can we start a petition to bring back Ricochet? The best game mode to ever grace the Halo Franchise. Honestly Id be fine with them making it a whole seperate game to purchase thats just Ricochet. With Forge and Custom game types and maps. And then a regular league with divisions and seasons and championships. Where you can create or join teams. And then of course just quick games. It honestly has the potential to be an entire new era for Halo. Ive been a die hard Halo fan since H1. All my friends have Playstations and I stick with Xbox solely for Halo. And H5 has been a huge disappointment. He is dead, servers are -Yoinked!-. Cant get a game to save my life, let alone a custom game. If im lucky I can get a 2v2 Ricochet. Ive got awesome custom maps and Ricochet game types. Im gonna try to recreate what I can on H5 but Bungie and 343 really need to just bring it back. Its fast paced exciting and competitive nature really brings out Halos roots. It reminds me of Playing H3 or H2 back in the day when Halo was in its Prime. The knuckle clenching -Yoink!- puckering last second insane plays and shots really connect you to the heart and sole of Halo gameplay in all its Glory. The teamwork. The flexibility and options. The customization. Halo was a huge player in shaping online gaming as we know it today. And Ricochet can bring that back. A style of gameplay and level of customization and community that was once unmatched. Bring back Ricochet. If anyone is doen to start a petition, or just link up and start a Ricochet community somehow. Lets figure this out and make it happen. Start a Ricochet Clan. Either get H4 to work or try to recreate in H5 with Assualt or something… Comment here.
Sincerely a die hard Halo fan:

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