Ricochet Forge Contest

So… the new Ricochet forge contest… and you can only submit a map if you are a resident of the 50 states in the U.S.A.

Now can somebody give me a valid reason for this? Because I don’t see a single one.

There is nothing more thrilling and motivating for a forger than to get a chance of getting a map into matchmaking. So every time a contest comes around EVERY 3 OR 4 MONTHS!!.. our eyes light up. But now… I just don’t understand the reasoning, does anybody know?

Plain and simple, I’m pretty sure it has to do with legal issues.

In some countries, playing a video game for prizes might be illegal under restrictive anti-gambling laws.

Not all countries have this issue obviously, but it’d require an international-law specialized lawyer to bring the contest overseas, which is simply restrictively expensive for a video game contest.

Wow I didn’t know it was taken this seriously… It’s just Halo… Nobody is signing any binding contracts when they submit a map, there are no signatures, nothing. I’d rather skip the prizes and just get recognition for my map.

Hi again A R C A S I U S.

I definitely agree with you on this one. I haven’t been much for forging as of late so seeing something about a “Ricochet Forge Contest” sparked my interest, especially considering I have yet to make a ricochet map.

I’m a bit disappointed now, to say the least. Like you, I don’t even want the Prize. Rather, competing would be fun enough for me. Just seeing how my design stacks up against others, and what I could learn from various ideas that people have would have been very nice.

… But I guess that’s not happening…

I mean, what better way to invite the Forge community to grow than making maps under the idea that they’d get into matchmaking? It’d be a fun way to get publicity for your forge maps, and just see who’s out there and what they’ve got.

Pretty disappointing, to say the least.

I just found out yesterday that I (as a Canadian citizen) am ineligible for the contest. To be honest I don’t really care about the prizes. The main draw for me was to get my map out there and maybe share it with the 2 or 3000 players that venture into the playlist over its lifetime.

I don’t buy your legal argument. They should already know how far they can stretch this contest from their experiences with the Global Championship. At any rate it is a huge disappointment that the contest is so tightly restricted.

It’s been this way for every contest involving prizes that I can recall. As most of you note, the main prize is actually the glory of MM implementation - that’s not necessarily beyond you.

> > … i’m from Europe that seems not be possible ?
> I’m sorry, but no. The contest is US only. However, you can always submit your maps to the CCs for Matchmaking consideration in the official Community Cartographer’s Thread.

> > … I noticed the “must be 18 years or older” qualification. The problem is I’m only 17. Is there any way I can have a parent/guardian sign something to take care of this problem, or any way at all that I could take care of this?
> Just submit anyway. At the very least, if your map is good it will be considered for matchmaking implementation.

As a fellow CC, I can back Snipe on this one; We never turn down good content for matchmaking consideration, even if it’s disqualified from a contest. If you think your map is MM quality, submit it to the OCCT or submit to the Ricochet contest anyway, (Just be sure to note you’re disqualified; this makes our lives easier ;P). We’ll always internally review content submitted to us, even if you never receive any feedback.

Sorry 343i… next time I’ll remember to not be born in the UK…

seriously though, i thought of entering, even for the fun of it… but, knowing that just because im not American i wont win anything regardless, just caused me to lose all my motivation…

sigh… 343i… each day my hope for you gets bleaker… it really does…

Why all the complaints? You can submit a map for multiplayer at any time, it’s just the contest that is USA only. So sure, you’ll be missing out on possible prizes, but you can still possibly get your map into multiplayer.