With the new Ricochet game-type coming out I would like to know if 343i has thought to add customizable options to this game-type, although something tells me Ricochet will have about as much customization as a certain game-type… cough-Flood-cough

Anyway the things I would like to see in this game-type for customization are;

Option to have more than one ball and enable to be assigned to a certain team (Multi-Bomb or One-Bomb)

Option to disable throwing or automatic pick-up

Option to have full access to load-outs and ordnance

Option to have more than just two teams

Option to be able to have arm and disarm timers for goals

Option to have ball carrier traits

These are just the main things I would want to be with Ricochet to be able to make it closer to Assault and just a more interesting game-type.

Please tell me what you think of these options and what I have missed out.

What you are talking about is an entirely different kind of update.

I suspect the game type to drop, but there won’t be any additional system support for changing this particular game types settings.

343i can release a whole myriad of specialised game types that don’t have configurable options because of how game-type scripting works.

I’m just talking about the game option settings, are you saying there won’t even be any settings to change in Ricochet? That would be quite disappointing, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard they’re doing an update anyway so I was thinking that there would definitely be customizable options for Ricochet, or am I just wrong?

If they can bring in new armors and maps and a game-type itself wouldn’t 343i add the ability to tweak the settings for custom gamers/competitive players?

can’t wait for this gametype