Ricochet Achievements..?

So I haven’t played Halo 4 since September of 2013, and with the announcement of The Master Chief Collection, I’ve decided to go back and pickup those remaining achievements I’m missing.

Except there’s one problem. I sold my Halo 4 and what not, so I went out, bought the Game of the Year edition, so I could get all the DLC in one bundle. Great, dandy.

So here I am, trying to get the achievements only to realize that a) it’s nearly impossible to get into a match with a DLC map anyway, and;

b) There’s not even a ricochet playlist…?

Excuse me, what? Why the hell would there be achievements tied to something that YOU CAN’T EVEN PLAY any longer? That’s just down-right cruel and wrong. Am I dumb? Or are these achievements now impossible.

I know this sounds harsh but u should’ve accomplished them earlier. Due to the extremely low population of h4 they had to limit its playlists for the sake of keeping others “well” populated. That’s not an excuse by any means, but what can you do? It’s the same with dominion.
Either you’re very patient and wait for those DLC matches (back out of lobby maybe?) or just scrap it. It’s not worth it, imo. (also it doesn’t seem like it’ll show up in rotational playlists anytime soon)
(ricochet is in action sack btw)

Sounds like I’ll just have to resort to boosting, oh well.

> Sounds like I’ll just have to resort to boosting, oh well.

I know boosting is generally looked down upon, but I honestly don’t blame you. Even if you do happen to get one of the DLC maps, it’s very unlikely that you’ll happen upon a situation that will make the achievements achievable anyway. Multiplayer matchmaking achievements shouldn’t be easy by any means, but they also shouldn’t be luck-based or require tactics that go against the flow of the game.