RGL are recruiting all Halo players

Calling all Halo fans!! Are you looking for an active community to join? Are you looking for a clan? Do you struggle to find people to play with? Ask me about RGL aka Redemption Gaming Live!!

RGL is a diverse, welcoming community of over 1000+ members. RGL’s #1 rule is to have fun! You do not need to be at a specific rank/skill level to become one of our members. We are a family like community where you’re guaranteed to find a friend group to play with and get to know. Our main games are: COD, Halo, Destiny 2, ESO, GTA, and more!!

What RGL can offer you:

  • Members from all over the globe. No more time difference issues!!

  • No hardcore commitments! Gamertag/PSN/Steam name changes are NOT required.

  • Daily game events, 7 days a week!

  • A zero tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, homophobia, and sexism

  • A dedicated women’s only chat for women gamers (RGL prides itself on it’s large population of women gamers!)

RGL’ s requirements for entry:

  • MUST be 16+

  • Must have discord (mics are encouraged but not required)

  • We strongly encourage daily activity in the server

If interested or need more information feel free to message me with the tags below:

Gamertag: ManaKeen

Discord: ManaKeen#1337

Still looking for active Halo players, recently had a awesome game night last Friday on Some MCC. Been hosting a lot of Halo MCC Social Game sessions too and they’ve been a blast. We are doing are best to remain active and have an awesome time while we are all waiting for Infinite to release.

Remember all skill levels are welcome :slight_smile: