REX gbr' frustration.

So my background in halo begins and ends with HALO CE. I played tons of tournaments such as HALO 50K’s and AGP’s. I have played against the top quality in HALO CE such as Walshy, the OGRE’s, Darkman, ZYOS, Gintron, Psycho Soldiers, Strange Purple, Clockwork and so on and so forth.

I have returned to HALO to see how 5 is. I am so disappointed with this game. Here are the reasons why:

1: Again the casual player was focused on rather than making this game a game of skill.
1A: The hit boxes are massive! It’s far to easy to kill people.
2A: Grenade hit markers make this game so frustrating. Random grenades around every corner and you can kiss your well timed flank goodbye.
3A: RADAR IN EVERY PLAYLIST? WTF? This changes how HALO is played forever! 343, You have destroyed one of the most epic video game experiences of all time.
4A: The thruster pack… sigh What happens when you play bad and find yourself out of position in previous HALO games? You get punished, you learn, you play better. What happens when you play bad in HALO 5? You thruster behind a wall and crouch and watch your RADAR! Jesus Christ I know people have been complaining about this for a while and my question to you 343 is, Are you even listening? Do you care at all that you have fundamentally destroyed the nature of HALO?

2: The grenades are way to powerful. Fix it.

3: Balance the maps. HALO has tons of fans because of the way it was, not because the direction in which you are taking it. I am willing to bet that eventually all competitive multiplayer maps in tournaments will be forge maps simply because the players know what they want.

I could keep going however I feel as if this will fall on deaf ears. HALO 5 is entertaining and fun alas it isn’t HALO. HALO as we use to know it and love it, is dead.

What exactly is this post supposed to accomplish?

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