⭐ Reworking the 'Challenge System' will greatly increase Halo Infinite's longevity

There needs to be a significant rework of the challenge system that allows players ‘multiple avenues’ in regards to completing each challenge. One being a ‘specific challenge’, and another being a challenge that fits any playlist (like the current XP challenges, but in any game type) which are melded together.

• For example: An old challenge might be - ‘Get 10 kills with x weapon in Team Slayer.’

• The new challenge will be: ‘Get 10 kills with x weapon in Team Slayer OR 30 kills with any weapon (in any game mode).’

This allows the player multiple ways to complete a challenge without getting unduly frustrated. In the example I used, you can get kills with the specific weapon in ‘Team Slayer’ and complete the challenge faster, or use any weapon (in any playlist) and complete the challenge a bit slower. The end result being that you get to do what you want to do, exactly how you want to do it.

I know that this would phase out the potentially lucrative (for 343) ‘challenge rerolls’, but it is much healthier for the game and playerbase this way. No one likes to do ‘chores’ that force you to play game modes you dislike or use weapons you don’t normally use, especially if those chores are very mundane and mediocre. By allowing multiple ways/avenues to complete challenges, people can just choose to do them on ‘auto-pilot’ with a bit more grind if they don’t want to go hunting for a specific weapon or playlist.

I think overall, most people would prefer challenges with ‘alternative ways to complete them’ rather than the way it currently is ‘live’ in game.

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I would say give us the entire pool of challenges. You can choose to accept any 3 or 4 you want. These are only bonuses so aside from this leave challenges as they are.

Now rework the XP system and give it based on performance and victories. No XP from the match nor progression towards challenges is awarded if you quit.

This incentivises you to do well and not rage quit. Currently, if I am not mistaken, the fastest way to gain xp (at least until your daily match completion xp is not at its minimum amount each match) is to get a group of friends and lose each match as fast as possible. This is a perverse incentive structure designed to make bad players/people who had a bad game feel good because no one is getting more xp than you thus preventing you from wanting or needing to get better at the game. Makes me not want to play at all as i am not rewarded for doing good or bad so why even try.

SBMM also deminishes the fun had from getting better as you will probably barely notice it in your stats after a match so also kill it in favor of connection based matchmaking like the good ole days of shooters such as MW2, Bad Co 2, and Halo 3.