Rewatched the footage, ok ill be nice.

First things first, they did a great job with the Master Chief. Ill give credit where credit is due. They absolutely nailed him and this was one of my biggest complaints of Halo 4/5. They didnt get his character correct.

On second watch I see there are old school grunts and some old school brutes in there. When I saw the first Halo 5 style grunt I immediately noped out. But the new grunts and the new brutes are the only character models I have a real problem with. Id like to see the Brute style from Halo 2 return. IMO the brutes from Halo 2 were the best, but I digress. They did a decent job with the elites/jackals. If they got rid of the new grunt models this would help the game tremendously.

No prometheans. That counts for something.

I dont know, It still looks a bit plastic in some parts and a lot like Halo 5 in some parts which made me throw up in my mouth initially. Upon further inspection, some of the art detail in the environment is actually kind of solid.

As far as the weapons go, they dont necessarily look bad (the brute weapon and covenant weapon do) the problem I have here is that they didnt show much classic weapons and the assault rifle sounds pathetic.

They have a new precision rifle and a new shotgun which to me is concerning. Either the BR and DMR are out or we have new balance issues to worry about. Halo 3 did a good job with the mauler balancing that out, but I have a hard time believing all of these weapons will be balanced correctly.

They took out spartan abilities. THANK GOD. Im not a sprint fan but its something I can live with I guess if I have no other choice.

Classic Halo had way less weapons and they each had a purpose and were perfectly balanced by Halo 2/3. So seeing more weapons that essentially serve the same functions is a big red flag for me.

All in all after rewatching its not as bad as my initial take however there are still tons of concerns. I dont know what to think really. Not showing any classic weapons is a big problem though. They really should have shown more of them. I feel like there was some love and effort put into this game (unlike Halo 4/5 which seemed like a completely soulless propped up corpse on a string.

I will wait and see more before I fully nope out I guess. Halo 5 I didnt make it past the second cutscene. So it seems there is something here at least worth looking into.