Rewards for hitting ONYX

I just hit Onyx and I would love to see some better rewards for hitting onyx. I think the rewards we get at the moment are super lackluster and I would love to see us get at the very very least a ONYX nameplate and potentially some sort of armor customization reward.

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This was referenced back when they revealed the system with a picture, however no one has gotten an emblem or armor customization yet. I opened up a support ticket as it seems odd we didn’t get what was advertised to us.

there are rank based weapon skins. It would be tight for nameplates, weapon charms or armor flair based on rank.

Or maybe they handle it like other multiplayer games and give you your rank reward at the end of the competive season like rocket league and lol. But I haven’t looked up if they said something about it

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Dont you get an exclusive weapon charm?

I agree! There really seems no incentive to push ranks as the rewards are nonexistent. Ontop of that gaining ranks is actually so easy as you cant really derank.