Rewards for completing Campaign on Legendary

I think it’s a major disappointment to not get anything other than an achievement for completing the game on Legendary. There have always been rewards in the past and with how difficult some of the bosses are this should be applied to Infinite as well. I loved the campaign but I was also underwhelmed that the ending for Legendary was essentially the same other than a voice over. Please add some armors, coatings, or some sort of rewards for beating the game on higher difficulties!

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While most people probably won’t use it, legendary isn’t even a challenge because of the Easter egg gun and the one skull you can use.

i too think it would have been cool to get sth for legendary or laso. doesn‘t have to be too crazy… just a single weapon coating or sth

There should be rewards for collecting all datapads, collecting all skulls, beating the game on legendary, beating the game on LASO and getting all 119 achievements in the game. Hopefully we can get rewards for these achievements added in a future update.

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I dont know about rewards for finding datapads, collecting skulls allows us to use them in the campaign, beating the game on legendary should definetly give us some sort of reward, as well for LASO and All achievements.

I say rewards for collection because that’s been a thing in the past before, there’s also a lot of datapads so I feel like a coating or emblem for collecting all UNSC + Banished pads would be a nice little nod to someone exploring the map and picking all them up. Same with skulls like yeah they give you modifiers for campaign but they did the same thing in H3 but you also got hayabusa for hitting milestones on collection.