Reward The Player, Not The Impatient

Please! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! An event should be beatable in one week, I understand why you want to spread it across multiple weeks to have people come back/have time to beat it, but for those that want to just constantly play, don’t take that grind away from them. Let people have access to everything Week 1, and have the other weeks as time for the ones with not as much time to still earn the rewards! Also while I am okay with Microtransactions for a FTP game, there needs to be serious consideration for the Worth of Item over Cost of item. I have loved so much of this beta, please dont let the UI/Microtransactions be the death of this games life. Reward the PLAYER for putting in the hours, make it fun to earn, not a overbearing grind. Don’t put so much behind a paywall, please just let people enjoy the game, and your player base will constantly stay and interact with your game. Halo will thrive for years, as long as you make the right moves.

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