Reward for three starring all academy weapons?

I completed and three starred all academy weapons and didnt unlock anything? I dont really care if I get a reward for this one flight system but this particular event hopefully doesnt speak for the reward system for the whole game

if players go out of their way to complete objectives then REWARD THEM. Psych 101

I’m sure they will have something i felt the same way and i completed all the weapons as well. Just for the flights obviously u wont be rewarded and even if u do everything gets reset anyways.

I expect it may be an achievement in the final game and potentially will come with some form of unlock in the full title.

It’s fine if there isn’t anything, it doesn’t exist as a challenge as much as it is for newer players to familiarise themselves with weapons and practice a little bit.

Sounds like the perfect thing for an Xbox Achievement. When the game is out for real.