reward for killing Bobs?

Bungie stated that as of right now killing the Bobs does absolutely nothing, but they gave 343i the capabilty to make them do something if they so choose. My question is what would you like as a reward? A new piece of armor is the only logical thing coughGRDcoughHACKspit, I mean, what else could they give you? All I know is as it stands Reach has entirely too many things that do absolutely nothing, namely: Bobs, switches, data pads and onyx max. I mean, wtf Bungie? “yea we’ll just put this switch on this map” other guy: “what are we going to make it do?” response: “ummmmmm nothing”. It all makes no sense unless they were setting up the pins for 343i to knock em down but considering by the time the TU comes out Reach will have been out for over a year, you would think you would of been able to accomplish at least SOMETHING by completing ANY ONE of these seemingly pointless tasks by now. And besides, who really has the time to search through the campaign when there’s credits to be earned?