Revolution RP - Halo 5 Roleplaying

Revolution RP is a Halo 5 based roleplaying initiative meant to change up and help revive the Halo Roleplaying community.


The Unified Earth Government. Lead by Alexander Green.
The Ember Tide
A large resistance group that wants to take down the corrupt UEG.
Operation Havok
A small unit of special forces Spartans, ODSTs and Marines that fled extremist Ember Tide.


Revolution RP is a small Halo Roleplaying Clan that exists outside of the canonical Halo Universe. While most of what happens in the events of the Halo games and expanded universe has happened within Revolution RP, we expand on that immensely with the beginning of our story taking place in 2627, several years after the election of a man named Alexander Green to President of the UEG. He corrupts the UEG immensely, and sends it into a state of intergalactic tyranny. In addition, he combines the UNSC with the UEG to be one entity which he is in complete control over. He also executes a military operation named Order 66. Order 66 was the order to the UNSC to exterminate all Spartans as they were a threat to true humanity. It mostly succeeded, but not after much rebellion. Many citizens, ODSTs, Marines, Defense Forces and Spartans started a resistance known as “The Ember Tide” which began to fight back against the now corrupt UEG. Later, The Ember Tide ends up becoming more extremist in nature, which leads a few people to leave the group.