Revolution Listen-IN

This is the first ever Revolution Listen-In featuring Reign.Deception vs Luxor.

The Listen-In features a Dual Pov from Captain Jack “Adversary” Jerichau and Stu “WarLord” Graham with full communications from the whole team.

This is the first in a long line of Listen-Ins to be uploaded to our channel - “Revolution Listen-IN’s aim to provide an insight into how teams tick. With Team vs Teams scrims and full communications from players we can understand the roles that each member of the team plays and the importance of being vocal.”

We are open to constructive criticism of all of our work as the aim is to make it exciting, professional and enjoyable to watch for viewers like yourself.

If you’d like to feature your team then please get involved and follow the links below.
(We also record listen in’s/Comms for you.)

Xbox Live GT: RevolutionTV

The content should be flowing pretty smoothly from here on in, whilst this is a basic piece we will be featuring the Spotlight show, InSight/InScope and Team Focus soon. We have a few episodes lined up and we hope to keep improving as we go on.