reviving old topics

Why is reviving an old topic on the forums a problem? It seems like the purpose of the forums is to keep discussions going about relevant topics. If a forum member finds a topic they are interested in they should add their comment…at least that is my opinion. Why not keep old discussions going if they are relevant to someone???

Most revived threads tend to be many years old and outdated, so I can imagine the forum team would prefer the forums not be clogged up with such threads. Honestly, I can’t think of a post that ever made reviving an old thread worth it.

My two cents;
Redirecting to existing threads;
It’s generally easier if all the conversation about a specific issue is in one place;

  • it prevents the same two or three people from having the same conversation in three places. - It allows feedback to be easy for the relevant parties to find. - It allows the conversation on a topic to include all facets of it as opposed to segmenting across the forum. - It prevents the forum from being flooded by the same topic and thus not having room for other types of discussion. For instance every waypointer wants different things from Halo 6 (or the next halo title) and if everyone created a thread with their own ideas than there wouldn’t be room for anything else. - Every community has rules and norms. If you want to participate in that community you have a responsibility to learn where you should express your ideas to their fullest. IRL You don’t walk into a bakery and start screaming about how wonderful bowling is. This isn’t any different.Reviving old threads

  • The information is likely to be outdated. - Some of the people who posted may not even be around anymore. - If people were allowed to revive ancient threads, there wouldn’t be room for current and active conversations. - It’s also considered spam in the forum rules; those are linked in my signature you might want to give them a read :slight_smile: - If there isn’t an active thread on an appropriate topic, feel free to create one.Not every necro gets locked either. If you have further questions about moderation decisions, please PM one of the moderation team rather than posting about it on the forums.