Revive Big Team Battle HALO 3 (360) playlist.

From 3-8 April 2018 am trying to get a movement together to get the halo 3 big team battle playlist on 360 playing again. I think it fails because people see the 0 population and give up. Send me a message and friend request if keen! Remember to download all the maps for free!

Aight bro add me. What time you wanna play?

I think its dead because it requires all the DLC, but all the DLC is free. so i dunno. I want it back too.

Ahhhh good ol Halo 3 BTB…miss those days. What you’re doing is awesome!

I have some solid time free between the 3rd and 8th of April 2018 to get people downloading the maps and partying up. Besides this post, the plan is to send everyone a message who I play against on social slayer to download the free maps if they haven’t and send me a meeting request so I can get a party of 16 set up in the lobby and then move to the btb playlist. If anyone else wants to start doing the same to get the word out that BTB is going to be back between April 3 and 8 hopefully we can build enough momentum for it to be sustainable.

Just an update/reminder for everyone to make sure they have downloaded all the map packs for free before the push next week to get the BTB playlist up and running again on halo 3 matchmaking.