Review: Mulitplayer and Leveling

So yesterday I started playing Halo 4.
I was a little hesitant at first to begin playing Halo due to the fact I was worried about 343 and what they had turned the Halo Franchise into. When I picked up Halo 4 at the store for around 62.00 USD I was in sticker shock, Paying only 50.00-55.00 USD for Halo Reach, ODST, and Halo 3, but I proceded with the purchase anyways. When I got home and Loded the game the first thing that caught my eye where the Graphics, I am extremly impressed even on my 720p screen, second were load times, to me they where extremly fast (comparing to game relases from this year and last). Second thing that caught my eye was the leveling system I really enjoy how they have adapted the COD Custom Class system. One thing that I did not like was the point system that you are required to use for purchasing Weapons and Armor(only one point per LvL). I was also displeased by the limited choices when you start(one type of armor, only one weapon, no armor abilities, one type of Explosive, ect…). Finally I am fairly impressed with some of the new vehicles (alouth I am disapointed to see only one air vehicle), the Mantis is a power horse, the Warthog still a wonderful vehicle, the Ghost I am sad to say has taken a downgrade, and finally the banshee a wonderful air vehicle and still the flying death machine that we all remember.
Finally I will review the weapons:
-Railgun: Love, perfect death cannon
-Saw: Very effective when accurate
-Magnum: I am proud to say we have the mini sniper back from combat evolved.
-Beam Riffle: One shoot kill with head shots
-Sniper(human): Highly efective aginst vehicles, still Headshot kills all
-Forrunner tech: I cannot review all of the weapons but the forrunner tech I have used and seen I have been impressed with.

Finally the Simplified review:

-Great new weapons
-Custom Classes
-Faster load times
-Best Greaphics of 2012
-New vehicle: Mantis, a power house
-New Mulit-player Game modes
-Less lag rates than other Halo’s for online
-Flood Game Mode (extreamly fun and way better than Infection)
-Sprint is not armor ability but something you may use at any time.

-Leveling System is slow and you have to know what you want before you spend points
-PRICE (59.99 USD for just game 399.99 for LE Xbox360 Slim)
-No Forge world (really wish 343 was catering to map makers)
-Explosive Physics (blasts do smaller damage)
-Freezing problem (expected with first relese but annoying)
-Only one Air vehicle (343 you really need to fix this Just don’t bring back the Falcon unless you give the Pilot weapons)
-Limited Armor choices for lower levels (come on I’m tired of having little chest protection)
-Levels required for your symbol (really 343 you take away 90% of the choices for you symbol and then expect you to level for them. This is not good when it comes to clans)
-NO FIRE FIGHT (WTF!!! 343. even MW2 has some type of fire fight)
-Arbiter/Elite (for 3 Hlos’ you could choose between and elite or chife if you dont want the elite then do a promethean)

I give Halo 4 Mulitplayer 3 Stars out of 5: First relase score(will be updated as Updates come out)