Revamping Playlists and Search Parameters

NOTE: Making a note here now, if you think Halo 5’s playlists are fine as is, you do NOT need to post here. “I think they’re fine the way they are” does not contribute anything to the discussion and will be reported. Constructive criticism on how the proposed model can be improved or a improved model of your own design is more than welcome. Adding nothing to the thread is not.

Search Preferences: Connection (CBMM) (searches for the best connection, not heavily based on skill, but somewhat taken into account.), Skill (SBMM) (vice versa, takes skill into account more than connection, but doesn’t match you against the worst possible connections.), Balanced (even mix of both.), Social (no skill taken into account, matches you only with others who have this option selected, and puts you into lobby as fast as possible. Match outcome does not impact CSR, ELO, etc., and matches do not count towards placement. JIP enabled?).

All modes search closer to you first and then branch out to get more players. For example, Australian players will first catch anyone searching along with them in Australia, before the system widens the search while still sticking to the preference. Searching in a group for a match will prioritize finding another group with the same amount of players with the same setting. Failing that, finding a smaller group. Failing that, finding randoms.

Join-In-Progress: A fickle topic, most don’t like being put into a losing game but at the same time wish new players would be added to their match if someone quits. My take; There’s a threshold for different things happening depending on when during the match you join. If you join near the end, and your team is either winning or losing, you recieve XP/RP but the match does not count towards any skill based data. Your KDR, WLR, ELO, etc., will not be affected. If you join any time before that point, you are subject to your stats being affected. Alternate take is that that “no effect” time has JIP disabled while the rest of the time it is enabled, complete with stat tracking. This would apply to all search modes, if implemented, not just Social. I still think Social should have a JIP either way since the matches are just for fun, not for placement, and skill of the players/teams was not taken into account beforehand.

Playlists: (template - Playlist name : Gametypes) ((?) denotes something strongly debatable and begging for feedback)
Team Slayer : Team Slayer, Slayer BRs(?), Slayer DMRs(?), Slayer Pro(?), Classic Slayer(?)
Team Objective : Capture the Flag, Neutral Flag, Strongholds, Assault, Oddball, Ricochet, Breakout(?)
Lone Wolves : Slayer, alternative starts Slayer(?) (see alternate start Team Slayers above), Oddball(?)
SWAT : SWAT (BR), SWATNUMS, SWAT (DMR), SWAT (Halo 2 BR)(?), SWAT (Halo One Pistol)(?), Covenant SWAT, Forerunner SWAT
Big Team Battle : Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, Neutral Flag, 3-Plots, Assault
Infection : Infection
Action Sack : (too many gametypes to list here, examples include Husky Raid, Sumo, Ro Sham Bo, (Super) Fiesta, Dodgeball, and Grifball (more on Grifball later))

Special Weekly Playlists : Voted by the community during the weekend, these are silly gametypes but not too silly like Action Sack, such as Speed Flag, FFA Rockets, and more, or unlisted things like Team Doubles. The voting period starts Friday, goes until Sunday, new gametype goes live Monday, lasts until Sunday. So the old Weekly will still be going on during the voting for the new Weekly. And no, there will be no double dipping. A voted gametype will not be in the running again just because it won.

Special Weekend Playlists : Chosen by 343 every weekend (or put on a randomized hopper), but based on the community. The weekend playlist will be one of the above mentioned gametypes, but put on a continuous loop. For example, Grifball or Fiesta may be the weekend playlist. You may get the game in Action Sack but you’re guaranteed to get it in this weekend playlist. Incentives to play are possible double XP or double RP, but not both. Similar to Bungie’s weekend Double XP playlists a la Halo 3. Depending on the gametype, it may also include an increased player count, for example, Fiesta with 5v5 instead of 4v4, or even more. Big Team Fiesta CTF?

Warzone : Warzone should be left as is, but include Warzone Assault Turbo as part of its random additional playlists.

TL;DR: Make Halo great again.
Please tell me what you think? How would you improve my overall idea for matchmaking, or do you have your own version?