Revamping Academy

“Blaaaaaarg” - Elite
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Academy revamping:

Academy test:

While playing the Halo infinite’s flight test I did my best to test every possible setting and gameplay available during the flight. While testing out academy I would like to suggest some changes, that without them academy will be unsuccessful at its current state upon launch . Though I am aware this is a flight making many features be limited this still sheds many concerns for the mode.
Brief overview:
This mode felt much more like a chore. Each weapon (available in the flight test) had three different unique difficulties (A 1,2,3 system one being easy, three being the hardest). When launching any of the available difficulties you were put into a firing range with the weapon of choice spawning in front of you on a weapon rack. Upon weapon pick and followed by a short pause bots will begin to spawn. In harder difficulties distance and movement become a factor. Your performance is scored by a three star system, the better you do the more stars you receive. (Hooorah!) There is also a time limit (30 seconds for 1/2 star levels, 45 seconds for 3 star levels). Though this feels like a miss representation of what the mode purpose is intended for on many different scenarios.


1.) Obtaining the maximum amount of stars is very easy on all difficulties. There is no sense of reward for getting three stars.
2.) Due reload animation times and bot spawns there will be a easy to reach maximum amount of bot kills within the time period which will cause scores to look identical. Because of this, if there was global leaderboard addition to the game (I also believe live their should be) it would be a battle of “who gets it first.”
3.) Bot movements are easily predictable reducing the difficulty level again.
4.) Due to it being a firing range, factors like movement and resistance which are two big Halo factors are being unused. As Halo esports comes closer, the opportunity to practice aim in training is crucial and current state fails its intentions.

Solution suggestion:
Start by adding three different available sub modes such as “Range”, “Sandbox” and “Simulation.”

Range - Keep the current state of the academy by also reducing some factors.

  • Delete the time system and scoring mechanism.
  • Allow a in game weapon rack ( that deletes dropped weapons to prevent flooding) and combine moving and stationary bots for practice.
    By also adding an in game comedic definition of the guns purpose upon pick up (Sort of a tutorial form) may be beneficial but is not required.

Have a small map with few obstacles and elevation levels while allowing the option for bot difficulties (Harmless, Odst, Spartan). The map should also be symmetrical similar to multiplayer maps.

  • Allow players to customize their load out in and out of game.
  • Allow factors such as “Unlimited ammo without reload”.
  • Add a reset training button to easily reset the match.
  • Allow players to have limitless access to abilities.

Keep the same map as in training and bring back the scoring system in the current academy. While in the main menu interface allow players to select which weapon they would like compete for score.

  • Lock bots to be a specific difficultly.
  • Take out the three star system.
  • Add a leaderboard in the menu such as global, local, and Friends.
  • Increase time to 60-90 seconds.

By doing this I believe it will give both recruit and veteran halo players a variety amount of ways to practice. Which the rise of Halo esports would bring a enjoyable training field for players to practice.

Looking forward for release, this game is very enjoyable form the little showcase.

It would be more fun if at least for some of the weapons, getting three stars was a bit like solving a puzzle. Perfect Dark had this.

I don’t think that the academy shown in the technical preview was anything close to what it will be at launch. I highly doubt it will remain that bland with the three star reward being that easily obtainable as well. From what I understand that was just a “test/shooting range” portion of the academy as this was just a preview.