Reunion Funny Stuff (Easter Eggs)

I would assume somebody has already found these but I figured I would share them anyway. On the non-combat level Alliance there is a talking grunt much like in many of the other Halo games, I wont say exactly what he says as to not spoil it but he is located to the right of the broken Banshee sitting on the cliff with an elite, go over to him and he says some pretty funny stuff. Also Go by the very end of the explore able area, you will find a pelican and commander Palmer. Go up to the right on the cliff you will see two elites saying how both the Arbiter and Jul M’dama are one in the same, and they are both power hungry…this isn’t the funny part though, go just beyond them to find a Sanghelli data pad…access it, it is an interesting little poem, I wont spoil it but trust me it’s well worth the listen, it’s hillarious.

Under the warzone map because the lag xD