Returning to the Classics

Howdy, this is more of a general question.

Is there anyone who has gone back to playing Halo 3 after playing Halo Reach and Halo 4 for so long? I have been in classic game types, but my performance has been sub-par since I left for Halo Reach years ago. My K-D ratio is barely above 0 and the controls just feel more clunky. The same thing goes for weapons both in firing and aiming.

Has anyone been faced with the same issues in performance? Any tips for an old veteran? I will keep grinding it out till I get it right. Anyone is welcome if you are also into the classics?

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The difference can be a bit jarring between any Halo games. But Reach to 3 is particularly more so than any other two I can think of, at least where multiplayer I’d concerned.

I’d say it’s just a matter of readjusting to Halo 3’s sandbox and engine. It’s definitely different than Reach’s, particularly where physics are concerned. If I were you, I’d hop through control options in H3 to the most similar setup to Reach (There is one, but I forget what it is called) and see if that helped at all. You can also tweak the sensitivity of the analog stick to your liking. Aside from that, playing around in forge or the campaign is a good way to become reacquainted with the weapons and physics of Halo 3, which is definitely important in all modes of the game, including matchmaking.

I’m certainly no professional at much of anything, let alone Halo, but that’s what I always do to get out of readjustment rutts when I play. Hope this helps!

Can’t say I have ever been in this situation. I have played Halo 3 non-stop since it’s release and to keep up to date I drop into reach and 4 from time to time as well. Halo 3 is a much more skill based game and the players you face even in social slayer are pretty decent when full parties still stroll around these days.

The best advice I can give are the basics. Don’t go into overdrive with your controller sensitivity, stick with your team, and work on the BR shots/strafe. If you have a friend you can create a BR Box in forge (just a forge map that is a tiny box) set leech for shields and practice BR shooting and strafing. With shields on leech every time you shoot them you gain shileds back and every time they shoot you they steal your shields and gain soem back. It makes it so you have to be really good at killing them. If you want more detail I can send you a youutbe link that demonstrates this practice setup with some informative Halo 2/3 tips with the BR, strafing, and other tactical things you can do to beat your opponent.

The funny thing is, whenever I have been struggling in Reach I go back to Halo 3 and I feel right at home :stuck_out_tongue: Halo 3 is my game, if I could be said to have one haha

Yeah I went back to it a few times. I over-played Reach and then one day I spent a whole afternoon playing Halo 3. Loved the story, just had to get back into it.

The only thing that I can think of is practice.

Nostalgic of playin 3 at friends houses all the time good lan parties.

halo 3 es un juegaso, pero si se piede practica a jugar otros juegos

i still play h3. its pretty cool the 60fps on MCC. just needs better servers…

It’s a little bit difficult to get used to the classic controls again, but it’s worth it.