Returning of Flood???

Do you guys think there’s any way for the Flood to make a comeback in Halo Infinite? I personally would love for them to come back cause the Flood is cooler than the Prometheans.

I would say that it is highly likely given the storyline of hw2 and Cortana’s attempted consolidation of power. I think we could also see some covie spiecies that are actually allied to us for the first time against a new common foe.

we all hope to see the flood but only 343 will say if he wants to make it possible

Yeah there’s always ways to reintroduce the flood back into the halo games. In hw2 they were reintroduced and since the new halo takes place on a ring it’s highly likely we’ll get something like what happened in halo ce and halo 2.

The Flood better appear in Halo Infinite. I’m pretty sure some people from 343i have seen our Halo Infinite section topics about the Flood. So perhaps they could be definitely working on getting the Flood to return in Halo Infinite considering that it made a return in Halo Wars 2, one of the those recently-made Halo games.