Returning/New Halo PC gamer's Help Guide

This is a sort of guide/thread to help gamer’s who are new to halo PC, or are returning, there are many others guides around the net, but sometimes they
are difficult to find, which is why I am making this post here, for anyone who strays here randomly, or is searching around for such a thread.
Before i go any further i just want to make it clear to everyone;

I did not create/nor am i responsible for the programs I am listing below,
I encourage everyone to not use a pirated anything with halo, i’ll be leaving a link below for everyone who is interested in
purchasing a new copy from Microsoft,

If anyone has any questions on Setup or needs help, i will help where i can, and if requested i will add some tutorial’s by means of editing the post, so
please don’t complain if you see repeats below.

Now getting past that:
Halo PC base doesn’t have a multiplayer community anymore, thus if you want to get into the community again, you will need a Custom edition upgrade.
Note: you MUST own a LEGAL Halo copy, DO NOT USE a “No CD Crack” with Halo PERIOD, Custom edition only requires your halo CD Key,
and operates separate from the disc.
Here is where you can buy halo PC from Microsoft for 19.99

Below is download for Halo CE, for the most recent patch just scroll down to the link towards the bottom,

What does CE cost you, Nothing, its free to use, no additional purchase, so if you find a copy that is charging, your being scammed.


CE isn’t just an update of multiplayer, it uses a different format for files and maps, so you cant use the files from Halo PC.

Base CE isn’t very compatible as far as single player, and only feature multiplayer lists in it’s vanilla version,
so a UI is essential(unless you enjoy manually entering commands every time you start up halo).

Though there are many UI to choose from on halo maps, I recommend “Universal UI” for being the most user friendly UI I’ve used.
The well developed interface features multiple popular campaign menu’s, all with provided links if you don’t possess the files.

For example; I want to play CE base campaign, but i don’t have the files, all I have to do is attempt to play one of the levels, and
I’ll be given a link telling me where i may find the level.
Universal UI also features a firefight menu,

Here is where you can find Universal UI:

Now when you get into multiplayer you’ll be noticing you cant access most of the lists, because you don’t possess the same maps,
and because of this you will feel less inclined on playing your own maps online, thus the next essential program you will need
is “Halo Anti Cheat 2”, or HAC2.

As it says in the provided link below HAC2 offers:

Server bookmarking/favourites list.
FOV (Field of view) editor.
HUD (Heads up display) editor.
Automatic map downloading.
Server queueing.
And more.

Thus HAC will allow you to to play the maps that everyone else is playing, you just enter into a server,
and if you don’t have the map, the program automatically downloads it for you.
the site below also features a fun mod that changes the HUD and medals effect,
So if you like the kill callouts from halo 3, reach, and 4, you can choose one of them from the same site below.

Currently I use halo Reach.


If you enjoy updated graphical designs and such, you can also search up Open Sauce,
It can be found on the Halo Nexus(yes there is a nexus for halo), I don’t really use it,
but from what I’ve seen it gives lighting and general effects a more halo 2 look.

Below is a list of maps, and some essential links that helped me out with setting up halo CE.

Essential pack,
thanks to:
ZOBI3KING for putting this together here, it really made it easier for me to get setup.

As far as maps and mods go you can find them below at:

For Base CE(not PC) campaign:
-search renamon on the site, you’ll see a list of maps submitted by renamon, these are all the base maps you’ll need, alternatively
you can read the “Map Links and Useful Information.pdf” file within the Universal UI .zip for more info.

There is a lot of content for this title, from forge mode, to a straight up kit for level editing and content creation, and even graphical overhauls.

Around the summer of 2016, CMT version SPV3 is expected to launch for release, there are a few beta levels out, and content can be seen on Youtube,
the interesting thing about the SPV series by CMT, is that each version overhauls the game, from weapons and vehicles,
to textures and(yes that’s right) new enemies.

SPV3 will feature covenant species from halo reach, this includes chieftains, elite jackals, drones, different variations of elites and hunters.
New powerups and grenades are introduced, including equipment and armorlocks from reach and halo 3.
An interesting addition with the SPV series has been the addtion of weapon attachments, from bayonets to grenade launchers on the base
of your AR and BR.

If you search up SPV1 and SPV2 you will be able to find the lists of levels on wiki’s and such for more on differences between the releases.

Scrolling through the UI, you will also be able to find links for campaigns where the player plays a member of the covenant, or a Flood hunter.

I hope this was helpful, and will continue to be helpful for future players.

Feel free to add this thread to other sites, just add a link to the original here please :slight_smile:

Oh just so everyone knows, be careful when using Open Sauce with HAC2, I’ve heard of some incompatible features between the two.

Nice, thanks for this. I’ve had Halo PC for a while but could never find easy guides on how to get custom edition and all that stuff to work. I’m not a very pc savvy person.

Edit- I’ve downloaded CE, but when I try to run as administrator, it says it needs Halo to be installed on my pc, which it is.

Edit 2- Nevermind, I got it working.