Returning H4 Armours

Just a quick question: If you could have three of Halo 4’s armours (ones that weren’t in previous games) in Halo 5, which would they be? We’ve already seen that Aviator is in, as well as Contoured legs, so those are out of the equation.

If pressed, I’d have to go with Warrior, Raider and Operator. Maybe Recruit as well.

Please refrain from hatin’ on H4. That gets done enough already.

Operator was in Reach. Different design but still…

Orbital, Oceanic, and Engineer.

Enforcer, it’s a quaint hybrid of Operator and Grenadier, might actually be based on the former.

Hazop, but yeah let’s change it up for artistic licences sake, the chest is okay though

Recruit looks nice but I think the shoulders are ridiculous, wouldn’t mind if they made Infiltrator and Recruit share shoulder pieces.

C.I.O., Warmaster, and Stalker

Non halo 4 I’d also like to see CQB return.

Recruit, Warrior, and Raider/Prefect

It’s a tough pic, and I’m not gonna’ choose any armor Fireteam Majestic wears, so Warrior, Venator, and Prefect.

Recruit and Warrior. Every other Halo 4 armor was hideous.

I’d have to choose three from each section the limited editions, the DLC and the base armor.

Limited Edition
FOTUS, Deadeye, Locus

Downloadble Content
Mark V, ODST, Prefect

Recruit, Warrior, Mark VI

We need less status lights. We get it. Things are needed to work right for the platform to run as intended. Some of Halo 4’s armor would have looked a LOT better if their brightness was decreased in-armory.


Anything that my current armor set has, just because I’m obsessed with it.

If we aren’t allowed to say armours which were used previously…
Recruit, Warrior, Pathfinder, Prefect, and CIO.
EDIT: + Deadeye

These are the only sets which I am ‘okay’ with.

If I could announce any armour in Halo 4, it would be Scout.

The “human” style ones. Like Recruit, Warrior, Scout, Mark VI etc, Recon, etc. You get my point lol

> The “human” style ones. Like Recruit, Warrior, Scout, Mark VI etc, Recon, etc. You get my point lol

You know the list would be a lot shorter if you just listed the (IMO) 5 offending armors.

My Top 3

  1. Enforcer
  2. Infiltrator
  3. Warrior

enforcer, recruit and orbital(possibly a variant wihtout the skull).

Enforcer (for obvious reasons, look at my avatar.)

All very cool armor sets.

1.Orbital for sure. I am absolutely in love with Orbital
2. Orbital
3. And the Orbital.

I just love it everything else pales in comparison to me…

deadeye was the best…

Warrior, Orbital, and the Locus helmet.

Only 3, really? This is tough. I would like to see the following (new to H4) sets return:



I would have chosen Enforcer but it is similar enough to Grenadier, which I prefer. Venator is also a close 4th. I really hope 343 goes the extra mile with armour customization this time and give each armour set its own helmet, shoulders, chest, legs, knees, and forearms. They started to do this for Halo 4 but ran out of dev time.

H4 Concepts: Soldier, Recon, Enforcer, Gungnir

I would also like to see Reach style armour attachments make a come back.