Returned to multiplayer after 1 month and 1 week. New issues

Before the long break I played for 1 day after a 3 week break. And so far not impressed.

So the one thing they have gotten right was actually being able to play big team, however.

The lag seemes to have accelerated and shots no longer land correctly on players.

One kill I got was by accident by shooting a wall

So far the games not getting better. And I’m happy I didn’t spend money on the cosmetics either.

The issues have nothing to do with lag.

HCS, Halos biggest offline event, has shown, that all issues appear even with lowest possible ping.

It is all desync and bad coding. 343s last update was just a distraction to ban geoflitering without getting backlash and to fool many players by faking a real fix.


People still phase thru eachother and the melees are still broken. It’s clear as day too. It’s not like it’s a one time thing when you watch the HCS stream

That’s player desynchronization and it’s a software issue, not a network issue. You shoot a wall someone ran behind or vice versa and get a kill/get killed because the game says someone is in one place when they aren’t really there.