Return of the Sentinels

If Halo:I is taking place on a halo, do you think the sentinels will return as enemies or allies (exuberant witness allied with the humans, so other monitors might as well)? If so, do you want to see more sentinel variants (like halo 2 and halo wars 2) or just keep it as the original sentinel?

I prefer the halo wars 2 sentinels. Though the h2 enforcer sentinel has its charm.

I’m pretty positive we’ll see sentinels if we’re going to be on a Halo ring. Not to mention in the Halo Infinite trailer you can see some sentinels in the background right before Chief appears.

That would be pretty cool to have another Monitor side with the Chief and see the Halo 2 styled sentinels again and possibly even Enforcers.

I’d love to see hw2 versions added to infinite. where they stand however would depend on what the unsc is doing there though

We saw a sentinel variant in the demo so that tells me they will make a return but at the same time that could’ve just been for the demo. If they do return I’d love to see more variants.

If the flood is back we’ll have sentinels, I mean they go hand in hand in the halo universe. I’ll be happy to see them both!

You just reminded me Exuberant Witness is on our side, this brings joy to me.

Although I don’t think she would leave Genesis very easily, as she is the monitor for it.

If she does go with us though, I hope she dosn’t betray us. And I hope for sentinels to be travelling with us as well. We already know they’re in the game from the one underwater, so who knows.

I see the sentinels as the remnant of the old good forunners, were as the prometheans are the new aggressive ones.

Well, that part is kinda obvious. Though if Installation 07 didn’t have any sentinels, that would come to me as a surprise.

I saw sentinels in the trailer over the trees in that valley before it reveals chief have to look very closely to see them

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prefiero los sentinelas del halo 2, se me hacen muy simples pero tiene estilo unico.

Wouldn’t mind seeing some more Sentinel variations on top of the return of the standard Aggressors, Constructors and Enforcers.

Wasn’t there an Enforcer sentinel (from Halo 2) in the trailer as well? In the water discovering the warthog remains. Then there were the normal Sentinels as you pointed out.

Cortana will most likely take over