Return of the Premium Playlist FAQs

I have seen several questions regarding information of the return of the premium playlist, so I decided to create this thread for those whose questions have not been answered.

On the 1.4.12 Weekly Bulletin BS Angel announced that the premium playlist would be making a return in the January matchmaking update on the following conditions:

-the playlist will be a 6v6 slayer only. No objective. Sorry achievement hunters. :frowning:
-The playlist should be Vanilla Reach settings.
-the playlist will be ALL DLC required. This includes the Noble, Defiant, & Anniversary DLC
-The playlist is returning on a <mark>probationary status</mark>, meaning if the number of people playing it are not high enough, the playlist will be removed.

I hope this helped!


> • Squad DLC added. All DLC included/required.
> Yes, we read our forums. No, we don’t always respond with words, because sometimes we respond with action instead. Like this time.
> When Premium Battle was removed, threads about its disappearance slowly began cropping up. We adjusted the Matchmaking algorithm to match players who have DLC with other players who have DLC more often, but we noticed many players saying they still weren’t getting enough DLC to satisfy their map-related cravings. So we’re bringing a premium list back in the form of 6v6 DLC Slayer. <mark>This list is being introduced on a probationary status due to the low population previously experienced in Premium Battle. We will be keeping a very close eye on its numbers, so if you want it to stick around, you’d best play it. Consider this your first warning.</mark>
> Also, I told you the Matchmaking team loves you! In fact, they wanted me to pass along some hugs. And kisses. And lots and lots of DLC maps!

> > Living Dead update is nice, but it needs more gametypes as well. Also, just Slayer for Squad DLC? No Objectives? No Multiflag on Highlands or Breakneck? Come on now…
> There’s only so much we can do each month. We have a path we’re following, but we have to traverse it a few steps at a time.
> (P.S. I’m a straight up Objective girl, so I understand where you’re coming from!)

> > DLC Slayer require both the Noble and Defiant map packs?
> All DLC. So Noble, Defiant, and Anniversary.

> > Will 6v6 DLC Slayer list have TU settings?
> I believe it’s Vanilla.