Return of MVP?

Does anybody else want to see the return of MVP in the endgame results? But this time I think it should be based on who helps out their team the most, instead of higest K/D. Like say if i captured the most flags, or got a ton of wheelman and assist medals, then i would have a better chance of getting MVP over someonewho gets alot of kill.


Eh why not? I’d be alright with seeing it return.

One word YES.

it better, or someone will be PISSED

It’s kind of hard to make MVP “accurate” which I think why Bungie got rid of it.

Perhaps different stats/medals would be prioritized dependant on the game mode, objectives or slayer, etc.

But yarp, MVP was nice, if anything - just to get a good look on the character design of the player whom grabbed it.

Brilliant! Unfortunately, it would make some people cry b.c. they can’t be MVP too so they’d come to the forums and whine about how it’s not fair. Ok, I’m just playing but seriously… I would love to see it come back.

If it accounts for objective medals and accomplishments, yes.

If it counts assists, objectives and other medals and not just K/D then yes.

I still can’t comprehend why MVP wasn’t in Reach.

I hope it’s in Halo 4. It needs to return IMO.