Return of Invasion (Idea)

Surely I can’t be alone in thinking that Invasion should make a return, especially with the new features that Forge is going to give us in terms of the changes in Scripting and the abundance of objects? I’ve come up with a list of ideas that should be utilized to bring back, or even re-make Invasion.

New Objective Types
Activate - You would need to activate a switch or series of switches on the map to complete the objective.
Destroy - You would need to destroy one or more marked objects. Obviously they would have to be destructible.
New Capture objects - Apart from a core, there should be flags, discs, skulls etc.
Strongholds - You would need to capture some or all marked strongholds to advance. Strongholds is near-enough Territories, but this would allow you to make objectives where all bases needed to be captured.
Capture Vehicle - You would need to take a marked vehicle to a location.

Returning Objective Types
Capture - You would need to capture a specific object, much like the aforementioned core, flag, disc or skull.
Assault - You would need to take a bomb to a location. I would modify this to allow for more than one bomb and/or target, and set whether said target disappears after bombed.

New Features
Secondary Objectives - Allow us to set secondary objectives that reward the Attackers for completing them and the Defenders for defending them. An example of a secondary objective would be to capture an armoury. If that objective is completed, the Attackers would gain access to a spawn point in the armoury, and the Defenders would lose that spawnpoint.
Invasion Survival - Two rounds. Teams switch after the first round and the winner is the team that defends for the longest time.
Invasion Elimination - One life per phase. Completing a phase will enable the eliminated players to respawn.
Allow us to set more than three objective phases. This was my main issue with the mode in Reach.
Custom Objective Names and Descriptions - Preset text does not cut it when you’re making a detailed attack-and-defend mission.

What do you think of this list? Would you add or remove anything? Please let me know. I’m hoping we can get 343’s attention on this. I’ll be making more ideas threads for both the return of modes and the creation of new modes when I think of them.

Not going to happen… Warzone is their new pet project and I doubt they will introduce a new large game type, to be honest I never liked Invasion much anyway.

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> Not going to happen… Warzone is their new pet project and I doubt they will introduce a new large game type.

I wouldn’t be so sure. I heard Forge is going to be regularly updated in Halo 5 with new features after its initial release in December.
It’s probably too late to add it now, but maybe, just maybe, in the next update?

Multi team was pretty fun

Warzone is pretty much invasion.
Warzone assult, even more so.
Instead if trying to steal a core you destroy it.
Don’t even complain about not being elites.