Return Of Commendations

Bring them back, I think they are great. Just make the impossible ones attainable (i.e. Trigger Man, Downshift, Grounded, Perfectionist).

I also think they should come back… but instead of cR get EXP (I hope it has Halo 3 ranking system) and like 5-10 exp

You mean put them in. Not, bring them back, because we are not sure if they are going to or not. So, don’t you know you are asking a question that is future tense…I ah…yeah…

But yeah loving the commendations! They should be in Halo 4.


Yeah, I’m all for it. And I agree, the senselessly difficult ones need to be dumbed down. Perfectionist is ridiculous. 160+ perfect FF rounds and I’m not even close to Bronze yet… Seriously, what was Bungie thinking?

Yes, these kinds of progression markers are becoming universal in MP games and it would be lazy if the system doesn’t continue into Halo 4

I was never really a fan of commendations, especially the insanely difficult ones to obtain. I wouldn’t miss them if they weren’t in Halo 4. In all honesty, I really hope they aren’t!

Hard ones like downshift and perfectionist need to be dumbed down, maybe even rear admiral as well, but I am all for it