Retro Gaming League Picks Up Halo: Reach

RGL is picking up Halo Reach for some online tournaments with cash payouts and everything. Please send i Graphic i a message on xbl if you are interested. Then I will send you a message on xbl later when we have more details and info. For now just reply below or/and send me a msg on xbl. Msg saying: Im Interested.

"We have a website designer as well as graphics designer. Youtube and Twitter are also being worked on.
We should be good to kick the league off with some payout tournaments soon in early April. Lots of Halo: Reach Tournaments!!

hey dude im interested in this love Halo:reach

Message me on xbl or reply with your official gamertag.

my gamertag is MajorScopePrime

You should give some details on who this group of people are and what they’re planning to do with Reach.

I could be interested. What time will we be playing and how long?

Gamertag: Onyx Melon