retriving data forever?????

plz fix this.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Restart the console

Play a quick game of arena, this will fix the problem!

yes to all. lol

I’ve been having this same problem since the servers were down last week
Tried all of these and didn’t work
The only thing that goes up is my games played while my req and exp goes no where.

Retrieving data is the highlight to the avid halo players day. If they were to advertise this amazing new feature I’m sure that myself and others would have bought at minimal 3 halo 5 limited edition games.

me and my friends:
-man I gotta restart I got retrieving data
person1- woot! Retrieving data!
person2- did someone say retrieving data? My favorite!
me- noo why can’t I get retrieving data =(
Person3- what’s with you people?

i make and work fine for 2 match. :frowning: