"Retrieving Data" Warzone is broken for me.

I can’t access any of my REQs when I’m playing a game of Warzone, it just says “Retrieving Data” the entire game. I can see my REQs when I view them from the home screen but the second I’m in a game it’s just broken. It’s really annoying.

Try the following to see if there is any improvement:

  • Clear your system cache by performing a “cold reset” of your Xbox One (hold down power icon for 10 seconds). - Reset “Alternate MAC Address” in system network settings, this improves the general network responsiveness of your Xbox (I’ve found this from experience anyway).

Thank you for trying to help. I followed the steps, but I’m still experiencing the issue.

Same. This ridiculously annoying glitch has plagued this game for far too long! Why hasn’t it been fixed? I’m sick of this crap. They just dgaf

Same no reqs.

Same my hole team couldn’t use there reqs

Lol discovered this on the Mythic warzone playlist. Everyone was doing good, then the Banshees came and it was totally pointless. Nice patchwork…

It seems like this type of thing occurs for everyone whenever something goes askew with possibly server side, yet for a small amount of players this type of thing is regular. So consider yourself lucky this isn’t happening 24/7.

343 are aware of the current issues and are investigating. In an effort to keep things clean and organized and not have hundreds of threads discussing the same issue, I’m going to close it in favor of these 2 active threads noted below. Feel free to leave your reports there, the more detailed the better so screenshots, video clips and links to games are encouraged