Retrieving data/Server Sync Issue

I logged on to play Halo 5 today and I started having weird sync issues. The typical loading screen was replaced by a message saying that Halo 5 needed to sync data. Afterwards nothing related to reqs would show up. I am able to play games in Arena and WZ but the carnage report won’t load and causes the game to glitch. In WZ I cannot access any req items at all, either spawn or through the stations. Anyone else had any similar issues? Reboot didn’t solve anything.

I had this problem, but it started after I played a few games then went idle. I restarted and everything was fine.

I’m having same issues and it’s been going on for like a month or more

I have the same here but it happens every day its realy frustrating and when it works no rec , no data , and after every 3 games it wil Not find any Players and have to reset 3 or 4 times before it works again the btb play option disapears soms times.
Some days i cant play at all becaus even the custom maps wont load iets like a rest simulator soms times
Plz 343 get your sh*t together